The Grande Place: intervention 4

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Genevieve Leclerc, Nina Mihaylova, Carly Rouault

Nature within the site of The Grand Place is expressed in our project through the expression of movement, the physicality of the human body and our interdependence with nature. We see humans as being part of nature; our experience and connection to it is found in our physicality.

By creating a multipurpose path which expands, contracts, speeds, slows and is punctuated with a screen of trees, we connect the various museums through movement of the body and create a new circuit for highlighting the potential of our physicality while tying the Olympic Stadium into the ensemble of structures as a symbol for the celebration of the capacity of the body. In order to allow the disorienting scale of the concrete landscaping to be reduced to that of human experience we propose to transform it into fields of native grasses and productive gardens. The fields will make reference to agricultural spaces, our physical need of nature for nutrients, and our ability to alter nature, while still allowing a sense of our smallness in it.


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