The Grande Place: intervention 5

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Julia Chang, Philippe Lafleche, Carlo Tadeo

The current interaction between humans and animals result in the marginalization of the latter. As a response, we are interested in the creation of an urban nature for indigenous animals and insects where humans have less of a dominant role. We first identified the difference in the behaviors of humans and animals; animals occupy a certain volume and range which differs greatly from human habit. Thus, we envision the Grand Place as a fifth eco-center, which goes beyond a minimal purpose of connecting the Space for Life institutions.

The barrier between animals and humans is diffused through the design of vegetation, land treatment, and promenade space. An emphasis is placed on spontaneous encounters as a result of a laissez-faire approach after an initial catalyst through human design.

Our main objective is to re-establish a balance between the different built environments and the aim of the Grand Place is to serve as a middle ground that connects the apparently urban to an animal friendly habitat.


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