The Grande Place: intervention 7

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Anna Antropova and Daniel Nedecki

The Garden Path

It has been said that there is a ditch on either side of life’s pathway. Thus, our posture toward nature and natural environments, in renewing Montreal’s Olympic Site, strives to avoid both esotericism and over-simplicity. The Garden Path attempts to unify the over-pavilioned space within itself and with the rest of the city. Two main ideas guide this proposal. First, we seek to better connect Pie-IX and Vieu Metro Stations with the site through the introduction of two axial connections from each station that would run (at times) below grade, on grade and above grade. Montreal’s Botanical Gardens and the Insectarium would now be directly accessible from each station. Second, we strategically program the resultant triangular circulation route with a series of immersive gardens that intentionally respond to the changing seasons, natural lighting conditions, temperatures, etc. offering users biophilic enclaves to the city, the site, and the proposed circulation path. The Garden Path suggests that natural design accepts its environment as nature (be it biological or not) and makes the given space simply more humane.


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